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amea IT, LLC

Bringing you the BEST of SEO and Digital Marketing direction in the Western PA area.  We dominate Google Local Searches and just simply make YOUR phones ring with qualified leads!

features you love

Reliable. Affordable.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO skills are second to NONE! We dominate local search, meaning YOU dominate your niche right along with us!

Web Development

Need a sexy new site? Existing site plain useless? Let us fix it, and build your online presence

Domain Hosting

We cover it all - domain registration, hosting, and design. The most secure, and fastest hosting around. It's right here!

process you want

Effective. Understanding.

Where else can you find the most forward thinking, unbiased, and unafraid digital marketing agency?
Local Google Search domination is what we do, and we do it better than whatever you may be using now.

We’ve saved companies in the area THOUSANDS of dollars on a monthly basis, by replacing their existing marketing strategy with our local focus lead generation.

Our strategies can, and do, start making your phones ring and keeping your sales team hopping.

And they ring for YOU, and you alone. Our methods don’t split the leads to 3 other competitors like some (ok most) of the big players in the lead generation market. We bring them to you. The leads are yours. Only yours.

No fighting with that sleazy sales guy at your competitor. The one who lies and says ANYTHING to win the job from you?  Yeah that guy. He’s irrelevant now. 

Your welcome!
Contact us today, to see what we can do for you!

from people you like

Cooperative. Detail Oriented.

We live here in Butler county and we shop and spend our money here in Western PA.
This means our services are accessible when you need them.

No more calls and emails trying to work around your main contact’s 2-3 hour time-difference. Need a change today? New strategy? Call us now, we’ll implement it in about half the time the big guys can, because we’re not here to milk your advertising dollars, we’re here to help you knock it out of the park and explode your business!

Bring your business into the FUTURE TODAY!